Gujarat's 1st HACCP certified pest control company


Renowned as one of the largest pest management company in GUJARAT kicked of its operation in 1974. Since then BITCO has been instrumental in offering a comprehensive range of Professional Pest Management Services & Equipment through a strong base an efficient and Skilled personnel

The highly trained and experienced workers are commited to provide solutions to existing and emerging consumer needs using the latest (third generation) insecticides, to which the pests are highly vulnerable and have not become immune.

Over the past 35 years, BITCO PEST CONTROL has incessantly delivered to establish itself as the most cost-effective pest management technology for its services. Enduring trust and relentless innovation has enabled us to scale greater heights our premier status in the country today. Now with the experience of more than Three decades, we emphasize our commitment of providing comprehensive, one-stop solutions in our field of expertise.

Our Valuable Services

Highly effective and reliable, our services are rendered as per the specific requirements of our clients.

Insect Treatments

This spray service can be odorless if rendered using odorless chemical.

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Termite Treatments

In the basic definition, termites are small, burrowing insects that eat wood

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House Hold Treatments

The cockroaches are now controlled by using a gel. Unlike in the past

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Birds Treatments

Birds Treatments

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Rodent Treatments

Rats and mice are among the most widespread and cunning of the animals.

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Woodborer Treatments

Woodboring beetles are commonly detected a few years after new construction.

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