Anti Termite Management

Anti Termite Management

Termites, often mistakenly called “white ants”, are known for their destructive effects on wood structures and construction. Through wide experience of over 40 years BPM has developed an integrated Termite control service to suit your specific needs.

Basic clean up after the job is also included in our service.

Pre-Construction and Post-Construction service against Subterranean (ground nesting) termites.

Post-Construction :
Homes/Offices/Warehouses: 3 - year contract with initial treatment and regular check-up; repeat treatment if necessary FREE within the contract period.

If entire building is treated, a 5 Year Service Warranty* is provided.

Pre-Construction :
10 Year Service Warranty* from the date of commencement of treatment. Pre-Construction carried out at during construction stages as per BIS specifications.