I-Trap 75E


With its innovative design, the i-trap 75E is recommended for use in homes, offices, shops and restaurants. The i-trap has a specially designed front grid which optimizes the attraction potential.

The cover/grid is made of ABS plastic and the casing of coated steel. Once the insects enter the i-trap, they will be effectively controlled by means of a centrally placed glue board.

Easy to service, stylish and effective; the i-trap 75 offers it all.

Technical Specifications

Area coverage (m²) 120 m² (1250 ft²)
Light source 3 x 15 watt Philips Long-life shatterproof UV-A
Type of UV lamps UV Lamps RoHS certified
Electrical supply (V) 110-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Catch specifications By means of Temperature Optimized Glueboard
Power consumption 49 W
Weight (kg) 6
Material Coated steel casing, cover/grid ABS plastic
Degree of protection IP20 (Safe to use in dry environments)
Guarantee 2 years return to base
Int. building norm acc. EN 60335-2-59 int. std. for insect traps
Lamp life time (h) 17.500*
Dimensions (L x D x H) 520 x 150 x 365 mm (20 x 6 x 13,5 inches)
CE-approval Yes
Mounting position Wall mounted
Cable & plug Included
Packging Strong cardboard box
Manual Enclosed with the unit in English
Service Unit can be serviced without special tools

(*) After 17,500 hours of use, the Longlife lamp still offers 75% of its initial UV-A output value.