Thermal Fogging Machine (Big)

This Thermal Fogging Machine that we manufacture is provided by us which are of a definite quality. It has the ability to emit smoke that is formed from glycol-fluids and water which leaves a foggy or smoke bound atmosphere. They are of the top class quality as they are brilliantly designed to meet the needs of the military, industrial uses etc. They are often used for pest control and are very useful.

Specifcation :

  • Weight of the Machine : 7.8kg
  • Chemical Name : Thermo 55, Pyrethrine, kingfog, Malathion
  • Operation Mode : Self start & manual start assisted by petrol
  • Combustion power/ Consumption : 18.5 kw/hr
  • Fuel Used : Petrol
  • Spraying : (Chemical+Diesel) mixture
  • Chemical/Fuel Tank Capacity : 6L-chemical tank, 1.2L-petrol tank
  • Fogging Capacity : 25L/hr
  • Particle size : 10-50 Microns