Fogging Machines

Thermal Fogging Machine (Big)

This Thermal Fogging Machine that we manufacture is provided by us which are of a definite quality. It has the ability to emit smoke that is formed from glycol-fluids and water which leaves a foggy or smoke bound atmosphere. They are of the top class quality as they are brilliantly designed to meet the needs of the military, industrial uses, etc. They are often used for pest control and are very useful.

Weight of the Machine: 7.8kg
Chemical Name: Thermo 55, Pyrethrine, kingfog, Malathion
Operation Mode: Self-start & manual start assisted by petrol
Combustion power/ Consumption: 18.5 kw/hr
Fuel Used: Petrol
Spraying: (Chemical+Diesel) mixture
Chemical/Fuel Tank Capacity: 6L-chemical tank, 1.2L-petrol tank
Fogging Capacity: 25L/hr
Particle size: 10-50 Microns
Thermal Fogging Machine (Small)

Being a prominent name in the market, we are offering the best and most perfect quality assortments of Handy Fogger. These Foggers are produced with the assistance of best techniques. These Foggers are handy and light weighted. These Foggers are highly appreciated in agricultural grounds. They are cost effective in rates. Features: Handy Light weighted Perfect functionality.


Weight of the Machine: 1.4kg
Chemical Name: Thermo 55, Pyrethrine, kingfog, Malathion
Operation Mode: Self starts Gas assisted by electronic lighter.
Combustion Power/ Consumption : 500ml/3hrs of butane gas
Fuel Used: Butane Gas
Spraying : (Chemical+Diesel) mixture
Chemical/Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.5L chemical tank
Fogging Capacity: 13L/hr
Particle Size: 5-30 Microns
Recommended Usage : To kill flying insects, pests, loctus, mosquitoes, flies etc.

Sterifog 360

Sterifog is ab ULV fogger used to disinfect the atmosphere by using water/ oil based disinfectants. It breaks the supplied liquid in very fine micron size thereby allowing the fog to reach each & every corner of an enclised area. The particle size of the fog can be controlled from very fine fog to heavy fog by using the flow control mechnis, pre-fitted to the fogger.


Many times in our hospital, hotel, factory or warehouse we need to spray chemicals for disinfection of certain areas.Using regular spraying technique is time consuming and causes a lot of undesired dampness in the area. Ultra Low Volume or ULV Fogger or Aerosol Generator or Cold Fogger is an answer to these problems. A ULV Fogger generates fog droplets by using a high volume of air at low pressure. This enables droplets of a more precise and small size to be generated. A large number of very small droplets is required for penetration of the fog into highly obstructed areas. ULV foggers can also dispense formulations in a more concentrated form since unlike spraying, less diluent is required. Also, the ability to be able to calibrate the machine to produce droplets of the optimum size for the type of chemical being used make ULV fogging the method of choice whenever possible.

Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Hotels, Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Clean, Rooms, Schools, Large Kitchens, Animal Areas

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