Vegetable Sanitizing

Vegetable Sanitising Tablets

It is a chlorine based sanitising tablet for the sanitisation of salads and
It can also be used for sanitising food preparation surfaces and equipment

  • Assured, stable and measured source of chlorine.
  • Highly convenient to use.
  • Broad-spectrum sanitiser.
  • Non-perfumed. Leaves no taint or smell on cleansed items.
Vegetable Sanitizing LiQUIDs

Sanitising Liquid is specifically formulated with Proxitane to be used as
disinfectant, neutralizing the adverse effects of a large variety of bacteria,
spores, fungi and viruses. It does not allow the synthesis of organic matters
present in these pathogens and completely removes them through oxidation
reaction. Owing to its non-foaming property and breaking into non-toxic
residues, it can be suitably used in CIP systems. This unique formulation has
been found very effectual against maximum types of microorganisms and
manifests excellent disinfecting property up to maximum caliber.

• Effective for cold plant operations
• Non foaming nature makes it effective for CIP systems
• Flexible dosage for application
• Non-tainting, non-staining formulation
• Low phosphorous formulation
• Environment friendly – breaking down to water, oxygen and acetic acid
• Well compatible with most plastic and rubber materials
• Powerful oxidizing action offers effective removal of pathogens

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